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タンホンです, New job experience,



タンホンです, New job experience,

First I would like to say sorry to all reader that I haven’t upload for long time. I really been busy with my new job. Also today my topic is about My new job. I learn design since my last upload that I’ve been talk about. I learn a lot about this job. A lot feeling about this job, just like Happy, Excited, Sad, Nervous, Tired. I will describe those feeling down below. But the thing is, we get customer. I’m really happy.


Let’s start talking about Happy thing first. I started working in restaurant for more than 3 year since I finish my High-school until now. I kinda know a lot about restaurant. But Design is my new job. I just start learn for almost 4 months. But I got a lot of knowledge for my Boss, Top Designer, and my Co-Worker. This is the most happy thing that they really care about me.


After that, we got our first customer by my Boss. JC Group ordering a lot job from us, such as design and make Pamphlets and X stand banner. This is the most Excited feeling than we got our first customer. 


Than we also have some problem with printing. I run like crazy to confirmed and waited for print. I was very Nervous that our Pamphlets couldn’t delivery on time. It was a little bit late. It was Sad that first job have a bit problem. But I have my MAGNET team, they always support me when they are busy, Thank you so much. I was very happy and will be be careful, not to make same mistake again.


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