• 【A little more to the counter makeup】


    【A little more to the counter makeup】
    I’m sending you from 123 Street, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    I’m Mukaida who is managing the design work, yakitori and wine shop as the MAGNETGROUP chapter representative and managing the share office for Japanese companies.

    123street will Grand Open on July 2nd.
    Prepareting now.

    Wood of Counter will be completed on tomorrow which we were looking for and lokking a lot,
    and particular about it a lot.
    Because,Timber shop put our counter off somehow.
    Ofcourse Im angry!
    Tanghong is… angry!
    But If we angry and if Timber shop say “we won’t do”,It’s hard,
    We need stand it,Tanghong.
    Rather than that,Please negotiate to do in 2days from 3days.

    Timber and timber cleaning,they change opinion that they said yesterday without care on next day .
    It’s seems they got more expensive job,so they put our job off this time as well…
    Tanghong said that.
    So,They said it will complete on tomorrow though,we check it out because we are worry about that!!
    Timber cleaning is like this.

    It’s a pretty good job.
    It seems handmade.
    This wood is before cleaning

    I say many times, but trees are a precious resource in this country.
    It was a hard and struggle to find this size.
    The best tree I met Finally.
    I wish engrave history together…
    Then,I went to check today・・・

    Wood condition is very good!
    For the time being,wood is secured!
    I will pick up tomorrow morning.
    After that I have to find a construction company.

    I will make it to 2/7.
    I will make great counter!

    And,New staff will come tomorrow.
    Prepare for lunch time.
    The long-awaited pretty girls staff and former monk.
    I was interviewing the dark.

    I hope you continue on 123 Street.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.

    Life in Phnom Penh is “ot phnyaha”

    See YOU
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