• Prince onion is coming!


    I’m Okutani who is getting start to prepare for going to capital of Phnom Penh.
    As a representative of MAGNETGROUP,I management design office which residing Japanese designer,yakitori and wine shops ,and a share office for Japanese companies.

    I will heading to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 8/8.
    This time,I’ll took ”Prince onion” Boss of Tominaga Corporation.

    Young boss.
    and good-looking guy.
    and rich.
    The third generation president,such as God is unfair.

    Origin of the name of onions begins with the onion company of Awaji, but most of sales now seems to be pumpkin.
    So officially it may be a pumpkin prince.
    80% of pumpkins distributed in Japan are Tominaga’s pumpkin.
    It’s like “I have decided the price of a pumpkin.”

    Such Tomy has a lot of connection in abroad too and the prince of Tonga kingdom came to the president-inaugural party.
    He is appreciated from Country by assisting all the way from how to make vegetables to how to export.
    Such Tomy is interested in Cambodia and he said “please take me”,I said “Ok-“,but one night in tow days…
    If the prince go abroad overnight in two days‥.

    Therefore,I ask to Tanghong and Yuki to prepare for attendant vegetable and fruits relative.
    Attendant the first person.
    Be kind for people.
    So,It’s not job though,Let’s do the best.
    Well,We make brochure in Japan,so It’s like entertain.
    It does not matter about that.

    I would like to introduce if there is a connection vegetable and fruit relationship ☆

    It’s information of Tomonaga corporation below.

    I want to warp to Phnom Penh as soon as possible.

    See YOU!

    Please leave it to MAGNET in web design, interior design, construction work, product branding, opening support, rental sharing office in Phnom Penh.

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