• 【Flower design】


    【Flower design】

    I’m sending you from 123 Street, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    I’m Mukaida who is managing the design work, yakitori and wine shop as the MAGNETGROUP chapter representative and managing the share office for Japanese companies.

    123street staff Heyan’s brother is Flower designer.
    Heyna’s Br got offer to store openings,so he design booth.
    So,I went to see how’s the day before of bridal fear which held on Diamond Island.

    When I arrived the venue,It was look like hard for loading stuff and rehearsal at each booth as the day before.

    Uhhn. This atmosphere is nostalgic..
    I walk around in venue,Heyan’s father was there.
    “Heyan’s booth is that booth”,He told me.
    When I went to there,of course hyena’s Br was there and,Heyan’s mother,sister,all the family were decoration the booth.
    I can’t understand that family do that in Japan,but It’s common in Cambodia.
    He say Why? with wondering.
    This is objet which was made by all family.

    This client is Coca-Cola.
    Great Br.

    Other booth like this.

    I though deeply.. I also want to do like this job.
    I said good-by to Heyan family then I was going to back to 123st.

    Then Tanghong shout “Big problem”!
    Eh!What what?I asked… We came here by motorbike which we borrow staff Rota,
    Tanghong locked handle because he afraid steel.
    But..Key for unlock handle was broken,so It was be able to unlock..

    It was rainy out side.
    Occurs roof or something are nothing,so we tried unlock desperately but we can’t.
    We called Heyan’s Br for help.
    But It’s gonna be trouble after.

    Next,We called motorbike’s owner Rota..
    Rota came to diamond Island from 123street by Heyan’s motorbike.
    However,It couldn’t unlock.

    Next,Tanghong called to best friend.
    He took the shower but stop it and rushed here.
    But It couldn’t unlock.

    In the meanwhile,local people was coming.
    What are you doing?
    We explained detail,local people was enthusiastic ”Well I’ll do that!”
    However,He couldn’t.

    When we were almost give up,passing boy has come.
    What are you doing?
    We explained detail,The boy was enthusiastic ”Well I’ll do that!”
    It was unlocked just first try easily.
    Woooooo— A shout was raised,That boy kind proudly.

    Number of people are 6 at there.
    It’s good the Split of help each other everyone together when have something trouble.

    When we back to 123street,Tanghong look like bad mood.
    I care about that,so I asked him,It is due to Heyan’s brother.
    Why Br didn’t care us be fine without showing a face,even we were in trouble?
    My best friend came in hurry even while taking shower.
    Br. was in that venue.I can’t understand! Tanghong said.

    How much he is angry,Tanghong removed him from FB friend.
    I do not mean to follow but,”Br was working,It can’t be help”,I said.
    Tanghong said “No matter how much work,He should come if he was in same place.
    I can’t understand.He care only himself”.

    I was taught various important things by Cambodian.
    Friends are important. Family is also important.
    I was realized that I can’t do normal things.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    See YOU

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