• 【Reconciliation】



    I’m sending you from 123 Street, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    I’m Mukaida who is managing the design work, yakitori and wine shop as the MAGNETGROUP chapter representative and managing the share office for Japanese companies.

    Continuation from last night.
    Tanghong still angry.

    I thought he made up with friend.
    It seems, Br. bought shoes of Pedro and bring it for apologize to Tanghong house.
    It was serious Problem than I thought.

    As for Tanghong, Tanghong has a lot of shoes,so he went to Pedro shop to change to Wallet from shoes.
    Ofcourse he got Br.’s permission though,I was surprise a bit for somehow strange scene.

    Tanghong friends has various problem.
    If someone is on one side,get attack from other side.
    They do such things repeat everyday.

    Reson why…
    Asked to friend for party,but he refuse “I’m busy for work so I can’t make it.”
    But,in the fact,It was came out that it was not work,he went to concert.
    Tanghong friend was angry!
    Tanghong friend told about that to Tanghong!@EPIC
    And they uploaded photo which Tanghong and Tanghong’s friend were having fun to FB.
    Concert MEN saw that and angry to Tanghong!
    Tanghong was removed from FB friend by him.
    Tanghong also mad.
    Everyday troubleー.

    Even little things,It can’t be forgiven!
    It might be important things.
    Conflict face to face!

    I just realise that those tiny little things were full of happiness.
    I want to let Tanghong listen to THE TRA-BRYU(Japanese singer ”THE 虎舞竜”).

    Oh but one member of THE TRA-BRYU had quite big trouble…

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    See YOU

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