• 【Happy Birthday】


    【Happy Birthday】

    Suosdai, NON This is Nakdae Nozomi
    November 22 is Tan Hong ‘s birthday!

    Currently, I am leave to design work, management of yakitori and wine shops and management of share offices for Japanese companies,instead MAGNETGROUP chairman of Cambodia chief Mukuda,for 3 months.


    On 22nd, I had lunch with Tang Hong’s family for celebrate to 123street local manager Tan Hong’s.
    Tan Hong is the central pillar of the family.
    I’m glad to invited me!


    We can  fishing , sleeping in a hammock,  eating meal… etc We can spend relax time here.

    The walking path is somewhat mysterious.


    There is also familiar “Naga statue” in Cambodia.
    The atmosphere is quite good.


    Somehow there are Rabbits about 10 on the way …
    Energetic inside the basket!
    Grandpa likes a black baby, and Tan Hong likes a white baby! they had quarrel.
    By the way,Thang Hong was starting to keep Rabbit in his house.


    I walk around the pond for about 10 minutes and found a nice view!


    We Order a lot on the goza.
    It is hard to see but mother is sticking on the left is a bird, full of birds!
    It is amazing!
    Because of a celebration.


    Eat rice and chillin ~
    Gentle Grandpa and Grandma, and Mama’s sister and her daughter.
    Yes, Tang hong’s aunt and cousin.

    Actually, We were playing  card gamewas until rice was brought …
    And betting cards!
    It was my first rule, but it was easy and fun!
    After all Tan Hong won.
    As expected ,He is a birthday boy.

    Come on, go back to 123 and we’ll be  get all fired up tonight!

    Tan Hong, Happy birthday!
    Please being along with me in the future.

    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppani Han!
    It was NON with love from Cambodia
    bye bye!

    In Cambodia · Phnom Penh, interior design, architectural design and construction work, offshore development, product branding, start-up support, music production, work to be famous pumpkin , web design, share office, yakitori and wine shops, general entertainment is a Japanese designer Inside design office MAGNET & leave it to 123 Street shop of wine and yakitori that will be able to respond with reliable Cambodian staff.