• 【New Job】Design


    I completed my printing job for the first time in Phnom Penh.

    Suzdai! I am happy that everyone came to interior design, architectural interior design construction work, offshore development, commodity branding, start-up support, music production, work for     pumpkin , web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops In Cambodia · Phnom Penh,
    Yes, I’m Okutani.

    This time it is a condition to proceed for company registration, but work has come ahead of us.

    I have not announced it at all.
    It is a company struggling to spread the Japan’s structure of agricultural cooperatives in Cambodia.

    Yuki wrote the design, Tanfon translated English from the client into Khmer and put it on Illustrator data.

    Tanfon was SAD month in January.
    He said he was not able to study at all and couldn’t step up but I was surprised to  his skill of Illustrator was improve.
    Japanese skill is also going up.
    English, Khmer, just 22 years old and manage 123 STREET ‘s older members , he is clever.
    It may be easier to remember Illustrator than other people.
    I said please learn coding though.
    But he can simple operation of Illustrator.
    It’s really amazing.
    Ambition and desire for learning.
    I have to emulate.

    This work is a pamphlet of tractor and combine.

    It is here!

    …I’d like to say but it ‘s a long way to get there.

    Data is OK.

    It is a work that should never be accepted as producing and printing in one day.
    But, Trial · Week We are,Whatever we do try.
    I tried under the name Trial.

    A printing company that Tanfon and his friend, Mr. Hat, have been friend for three years.
    Tannin seems wants to say “Leave it me!”

    I am relieved to upload data.
    I am delivering in the evening, but I am worried so please check it the next morning.



    Tan fong … face! !


    Half of  pamphlet, color is bad…
    There is thin line…
    The color of the tractor is light, very light- ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー.

    She seemed to work without sleeping …
    But … printer is home printer…

    Natsu said “Really…”

    But  it is enough for today, we have the rest printing,that will be delivered at 10 o’clock the next morning and should be OK.


    This time we got ordered 400 sheets, but 2000 orders are waiting for the back order.


    I’m so insecurity.

    Mr. Li’s printing company “We will print 2000 on a large machine, so quality is okay”.

    Natsu “I am worried, let’s go check it out”

    And place where we come …

    No,It’s copy machine shop.

    Somehow all copy machine are open.

    He  scratch his head “poripori”.

    staff「large machine is on the back」

    Natsu「Where is that?」


    It is a crazy journey style.

    Laundry! ! !

    Narrow Narrow Narrow Narrowーーーーーーーーーー


    If I was boss of this shop,I’ll angry!
    I’ll definitely angry
    I’ll say narrow.

    Well.. by the way color is…

    It is all made with the combination of CMYK color,
    it has taken one initial letter from cyan (Cyan), magenta (Magenta), yellow (Yellow) and key plate.

    This maschine remind me that firmly.
    Cyan is printed once, magenta is printed the second time, yellow is the third time.
    Printing “Gashan Gashan”.

    The fragrance of old nostalgic ink reminiscent of the old newspaper (I wen to a tour to see printing  because my father worked at Kobe newspaper company)
    How nice.

    Machine Moe 2.

    Nice smile…


    See YOU!

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