• 【New Job】 Design edition 3


    Then, 2,200 additional prints were done at a printing company that Vincent’s friend introduced.

    I came back to check with Tanghong and yuki, because I was anxious.

    “Very Good!”
    Only the beginning is always good.


    It is not much different from Crazy Journey 1.

    When printing is finished Yellow ink sticks on solid paste place YO-.

    There are 1,400 pieces that can be used out of 2,000 sheets.


    Oh well,It’s better.

    Today I adjust the machine and reprint it.
    I left it to you. Tanghong.

    You can make your future.

    Talk a lot of dreams.

    In the house with the gate opens the car’s key automatically. And so on.



    Tractor combine

    Tractor combine

    Tractor combine

    It only came to say.

    I am tractor

    You are combine

    Got crazy.

    There is a person who can help in any country.

    It’s gonna be connected.

    Japanese, Cambodian, French.

    Thankyou all.

    Every boy is a kid when doing UNO to the no-ge.

    See YOU!

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