• 【OISHI Restaurant】123street


    Restaurant It is also good (OISHI) Restaurant located at 5 seconds on foot from the shop of yakitori and wine of 123STREET.
    When it was open, “Japanese management?”,I thought it,
    but it’s totally Khmer cuisine, and, t’s seems there are many Khmer customers.

    Front of OISHII, there is a grill store operated by a Japanese company and the staff often came to 123,so I tried going out to eat there for return.
    If so,they said, we play billiards tonight,why don’t you come together?

    I decided to go to billiards with the restaurant owner by chance.
    (By the way Team 123 can not billiard at all, yes)


    After that, warp to the club PONTOON.
    The homepage is frozen ….

    Pontoon seems to be a club where local people come pretty well and atmosphere is slightly different from EPIC.
    But I like quite a lot.
    Street 172 (Oknha Plong) near 51
    TEL 010 300 400
    Time 9:00〜5:00

    After playing here, please eat pizza at Katy Perry, It’s  just front.

    Many strange girls gathered because they are many men.
    As it is not a very cozy atmosphere, as usual
    “Natsu leave” then finished all at once finished.

    Even though OISHI owner will do a lot better.
    Afterwards, when going out to dinner he told that it is afraid when suddenly that natsu will “go home”.

    Yes, here is the real production.

    Origin of OISHI
    He seemed to like Japan and went to ramen training
    He went to Japan only to eat …
    But Japanese food is not available.
    Of course there is no ramen.

    He want me to eat once while talking about dishes in various.

    This is what I received! !



    What what?

    what? This this.
    Huh! What?
    It’s grass rather than vegetable
    I do not understand anything inside.

    Texture is “Zara” earthly feeling.
    I feel like I can not stop doubting…

    As a result of having people around us also eat
    · Japanese people who are accustomed to overseas think delicious.
    · Khmer people said delicious.
    · Natsu is a little impossible.

    It looks like a very standard Khmer soup.

    I went to return the plate.


    What will we delivery?
    It seems to say that everything is delicious because kind.

    It’s boy likes fried chicken & curry.

    I’m happy that I could get neighborhood relationship with you.
    Thanks Vincent.

    See YOU!

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