• 【Nail Salon】 This name is …


    I tried a nail salon in Cambodia Phnom Penh …

    I’m an experienced reporitor living in Phnom Penh Natsuko Okutani.

    Today I tried a nail salon (local version).

    This name is…

    I’m a little worried about telling it themself …

    Let’s believe her recommendation of 27-year-old Funny Girl.

    She might has good beauty information because she can do this Before After.


    Let’s go
    Let’s doUn
    When I came in…

    The smell of unimaginable thinner.
    I’m Rariru Rariru (intoxicated intoxicated).
    I said Rariru, it’s been a while since …

    Although It was not so beautiful …
    It was started just after I sitting in a chair.
    The color is not decided yet, but it starts.

    I tried a foot nail.
    Do you want to gel? Only nails?
    The price is the same.Menu is duty…

    Is it the same price although specification is different at all?
    It seems the same so I’ve got gel.
    I wanted to put a stone, but it was pretty rough as I looked at the sample, it is OK with one color because the big ….

    It is hardened by gel.
    It takes about an hour if I do it in Japan ….
    Because nails are small, only thumbs can do art.

    I was scared, so I didn’t cutting.
    The third from the right, about half peeled off …

    It was over without asking.

    It was over in ten minutes.
    It was good because I could not endure thinner headache if I stay more.
    And six dollars.

    I can not judge whether it is cheap or expensive.

    address:#109E0 street 310 Olympic District, Chamkamorn
    TEL :
     017 977 760


    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian
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