• 【Looking for staff who can speak Japanese in Cambodia ~ TAYAMA school edition ~】


    【Looking for staff who can speak Japanese in Cambodia ~ TAYAMA school edition ~】
    Suzdai! I am Okutani who doing business with CTN and MYTV, and doing shops of interior design, interior design and construction work, offshore development, commodity branding, opening support, web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops in Cambodia · Phnom Penh.
    but the American Embassy People say they come to eat … I think what to do.

    Well, today I’m talking about serious problems of talented people for people who are entering Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    I was crying about staff away…
    JP (Junpei) kindly taught me a lot.
    JP is a Japanese who is doing Khmer target Khmer cuisine in about 40 seconds on foot from 123STREET.
    He knows everything, he is struggling day by side with pressure on Middle Boss and Big Boss.
    · Pattern of collects recruitment requirements on the net and collects it.
    · Pattern of a recruit at a school teaching Japanese to introduce.

    These two patterns are not for leading companies pattern, It’s our pattern.
    I think that leading companies left to the company CDL of the advertisement tower Mr. Koyanagi who everyone knows is the most safe.


    Uhh? I saw the web site, It’s Job Information for Japanese job seeker.
    I wonder if both are strong.

    It’s deems there are a life information site.

    Today we visit the school!

    Although I was told that it was from 15 o’clock, I play at Pontoon at midnight and eat pizza and get up at 14:30.
    Already  JP in 123.

    Yes, sorry.

    I will prepare it immediately.
    Completed in 10 minutes! Departure! bike! Burn! I thought that my legs would burn.

    It is far.
    It is about 30 minutes north from 123STREET.
    It goes up all the way and goes beyond Vatanak and beyond Raffles to the top..A red area called ToulKork.
    It is an area where development is progressing now.

    123 is the direction of the bottom.
    A school suddenly appeared in a quiet residential area.
    In Cambodia there are several universities and language schools where we can learn some Japanese, but among those Japanese who are already in Phnom Penh, you’ve heard of “Tayama / Cambodia school” I visited.
    Oh. JP  has double eyelid

    When entering inside, at a great speed “Hello !!” with a big voice greetings.

    JP had an appointment.
    I was guided inside but a voice like a military is resonates.
    Mr. Tayama started…
    School in Phnom Penh opened in 2007 and seems to be producing more than 1,000 students, and the age group is 17 to 30 years old.
    The feature of this school is that tuition is free.
    Instead, there seems to be there is rule that if you do not keep tough discipline you have to leave school.

    This word is also quite profound, only those people who had a hard time can say preparing the second plan.
    And to throw out ego.
    And cry (live passionately) Get a contract of mind.

    It is difficult even for Japanese people, Mr. Tayama.
    I wonder if Mr. Tayama from Hakata.
    The school is beautiful.
    It seems to have been donated from Japan.

    Well beautiful.
    I wonder someone will support for Japan, too.
    I do not see wealth as enough to donate to other countries …

    When I see, the students were gathering, they said “Arigatougozaimasu!!” “Yoroshikuonegaishimasu!!!” About 50 people cried out loudly and I was moved.

    After that, say “Konnichiwa!” to me form about 50 people, konnichiwa hell.

    It is a wonderful education.
    The class scenery looks like this.

    Japanese language seems difficult.
    wakarimasu(I understand), wakatte(I understand), wakatta(I understood),wakaritai(I want to understand),is it.
    It seems there is a Japanese certificate like N2.
    Even a teacher N2. N1 seems to be quite difficult for kanji.

    The fee system is like this.
    Very good.

    If quit within three months the security is working.

    I seem to support a variety of others like this.
    This seems to be operated by a company that is launching separately from donation.
    Do not need any money for a part-time job.
    If it is an employee(full time job), it is 1.5 times the staff salary as an introduction fee.

    I do not understand between of part-time jobs and employees in this country, but maybe it’s a monthly salary or hourly wage.

    I will write a job slip and wait for contact…
    There are various things. content.
    Thank you JP.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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