• 【Smell of rain】


    I remember something by the sound of rain and the smell of rain

    Same smell of meals

    The smell of the supermarket

    Same as the smell of the earth

    The key is given occasionally and the door opens

    This scenery looking natural by seeing raindrops in the window

    The view of New York 13 years ago, too

    Now, the scenery in front of me is a normal landscape, but unusual compared to the scenery I lived in Japan

    New York was also a normal landscape at that time but unusual

    At that time the subway, now Tuku.
    Friends at that time,current my friends.
    Business at that time,current business.

    I have a feeling that something is beginning to move as far as the last shot towards the settlement of the end of this month.

    Feeling that it is moving in the ground.

    A little more, a bit more, I feel like I am reaching for something that I always reach but I do not reach.

    The cord of the goal of the marathon is in front of me, but I can not finish the goal all the time. I feel like it.

    It might be such a keep on trying hard.

    I have to think about how I will work next fiscal year.

    I will just do my best.


    See you.