• 【Before the end of 35 years old …】


    【Before the end of 35 years old …】
    Suzdai! I’m Okutani who have been working with CTN, MYTV, and Byeon TV in the interior design, construction, interior design, construction, commodity screening, opening support, web design, business con- ference, baked goods and wine shops.

    I did a big shopping.
    It is a good memories of 35 years old.

    I will never forget. maybe.

    Business partners.
    Boss is 32 years old, and children are around 26 years old.
    Average age is young. Or looks like a boy.
    But since it is familiar already it seems so, but it may be a scary look if it is from viewers.

    Until then I paid carefully and under stress as it was to pay for the big money.
    However, if I decide to prepare lawyer’s documents,I don’t think anything and about just leaving it to luck.

    Then I went to a Cambodian leader ‘s house and went home after finishing the contract of money exchange.

    It was first time to meet with partner boys.

    What I was said.

    Believe Cambodians in foreign countries and buy land.
    And you seems not feel worried or uneasy.

    I saw the Japanese who seems to be rich Chinese like this for the first time.
    Even women.

    You have a very strong heart.

    It was what I was said.
    It is impossible to lose without a partner to doing business.

    Risks accompany anything to do.
    I will not go on fear of risk, or I will do it with Japanese people.
    There are many choices, but there is no meaning if I come to Cambodia for 1 year and 5 months and I do not compete with Cambodians here.
    That’s why I decided so.

    The reason why Chinese people dominate Cambodia is easy to understand.
    First of all, they pay money for officials to do anything.
    Paying and paying, then making banks, buying land, building buildings.

    The official does not say anything.
    Whatever, please do as you like it.

    Japan without a bribe culture absolutely seeks correctness.
    Yes, fair.
    There is no fair in this country.
    Every single one is solved with the right discussion, and in any way it does not bring down the wholesaler.

    Results of looking for money points
    There is a risk to do anything.
    100% safety is close to none.

    If there is a possibility, it is to find a reliable Cambodian and work together.
    They can not trust Chinese,they can trust Japanese but they can not be trusted by japanese.

    Now that Sihanouk building is already became Chinatown, the Chinese gangsters are overflowing like a mountain and the guns rampant and the Cambodians are bothering them.
    I have heard that the expansion of Japanese companies is decreasing, but it is not high economic growth, but money points are overflowing if we just grab information and connections.

    It’s a small trial, but for the first time from here, I hope to create a good team and grow together.

    One out of 100 people ,I only chooses to do, but I believe them and I will proceed!

    I will asked  “Are you fine?” if I posted pictures,so I won’t post photo.

    I will fight using the fact that I am Japanese.

    I appreciate being able to take a big step anyway.

    Cambodian partner

    Go my way.

    We aim to provide a lifestyle that makes it fun to return home through urban planning, land development and housing construction for them.

    stay tuned!

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanihan.

    See YOU!

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