• Field report of housing construction


    I am a designer Natsuko Okutani in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Real estate Overseas real estate investment, Asian real estate investment, Cambodia land development, construction design and construction work, various things go on without knowing since I started the land sale.

    Japan’s work is also busy for busy season, also
    Cambodia is busy too.

    It’s interesting the photos arrive since SIRI works as a field management.

    There is nothing to say….

    Tree is thin.


    Use this as it is?


    Wood is very Slim…


    When I said that,Siri also thought same and “Boss said thin”.
    It seems like he asked to on the spot.

    Then I’ll be fine.

    I’ll line up 5,000.

    ! ! ?


    Which one?

    Is it stuck?

    Of course!
    Tightly by this one.

    What a cheap one!
    Clearly recognize it if look.

    Cheap one.

    I could study today as well.

    We told the investors as it is and talked with everyone.

    Investor A: If there are 5,000, it is OK even if one or two breaks,the remaining 4,998 are fine! I wonder if it is w

    Investor K: fuwaaAh
    I thought it’s temporary  thing …

    Me: It is only conscious of the strength as a face.

    Investor K: I see
    It’s a story if change place.

    I think it would be good if it could be done with the image of investing in a country that is more than just money to invest while sharing daily growth by feeling and seeing the growth and current status of Cambodia.


    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.

    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanihan.

    See YOU!

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