Business Introduction

WEB · Graphic Design

It is a design office that started with work of graphic design.
Cute design · cool design · fashionable design · sellable design etc.
We have the strengths of each designer so we will help you with the designers suitable for your request to shape your dreams.
Regarding website creation, we will create a website with a desire to establish one company,
with the intention of providing a website with high designing conscious of branding.
It is also one of the strengths that we can include the know-how of recruitment consultation and customer consultation. Since there are many production results, please do not hesitate to ask to see samples etc.

Store Interior / Construction Construction

We will respond only to Japanese companies considering entering Cambodia.
It is a design office that cooperates with local construction companies that live and work in Japan, and the director is a first-class architect. When I work normally, I am pleased that “You work fast”.
I will proceed with what is an obvious thing as usual.
There are track record about 50 cases in new construction · store design · renovation, and 4 cases with landscape. Please leave it at ease.

Support for eating and drinking establishment opening

In Cambodia, the number of eating and drinking establishments is increasing, especially in Phnom Penh where the population is relatively large.
Especially in recent years, due to expansion of middle class in Cambodia, change of taste of young people, increase of foreign tourists…, affordable foreign restaurants, fast food, cafe etc. are increasing, Cambodian food scene is rapidly developing.
It is famous that the GDP index has risen and the world’s forerunner to the potential growth market opened a huge mall of Japanese whole aeon.

Cambodia souvenir branding

I can’t think of anything of souvenirs “Speaking of Cambodia”! so I would like to make it.
It looks like macadamia nuts in Hawaii.
I saw a site like a “Best 10 souvenirs absolutely pleased!” but I felt that I do not want to be honest.
We would like to pour into what we can do by ourselves , such as product planning, designing, manufacturing, expanding sales channels that sell and change the lives of people in Cambodia. Although it is still in the planning stage, there is an idea that I want you to develop this by looking at this site, but it will not proceed quite easily from there though.
We can shape ideas with the power of design.
Tokyo Banana. Okinawa Chinsukou. Cambodia’s Honyarara. Let’s make it together!

Share Office of Japanese companies

I tried going to the site looking for new business opportunities but I do not know anything at all.
I heard the good stories without land intuition, I became obsessed with it, I contracted the property as I was told.
I often hear such a story.
Compared with other countries, Cambodia is an attractive market with few new entry barriers to Japanese companies.
We are enterprising in Cambodia and have space of three stories building.
It will be a limited contract for about 3 companies, but Japanese people are living and we will also act as a substitute phone and mail. In addition, we inform you the information necessary for you in various ways properly.
Will not you build a solid foundation in Cambodia and grow together?
※ It will require a investigation ,because it will share the same building.