• 【Big group Welcome】


    【Big group Welcome】

    I’m sending you from 123 Street, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    I’m Mukaida who is managing the design work, yakitori and wine shop as the MAGNETGROUP chapter representative and managing the share office for Japanese companies.

    Yesterday,customer came and asked “Can we reserve tomorrow?”
    Of Course ! sir.
    That’s why a group of 15 people came asking for yakitori on 123 street today.

    To be honest,Can we deal well?
    Tanghong says Daijyoubu(All right)for all things.

    Recently I have suspicion ”Daijyoubu”.
    Because I do not have any kind of grounds so I am anxious
    If I take it, It’s danger!
    So yesterday I was a bit nervous!

    Japanese customer arrived at the restaurant 5 minutes ago, That’s Japanese customer.
    Since customers already existed, the kitchen / hall is a battle field as soon as arriving.
    Let’s not rush! Let’s not make a mistake!
    Inspiring everyone, the serious game with the first group!

    This guy show off existence in particular even among such situation,
    It is Tan Hong.

    I thought one more Tanghong’s avatar.
    The scene over the big wave and quieted once to prepare for the next wave.

    It’s a big group that exceed that expectation even prepare.
    Other customer also came,and Which order serve for which table!
    It’s a point of mistake.
    so let’s call vip for big group.
    We call Other customer is No as usual.

    Yakitori is like this…

    This wave come many times.
    Ofcourse other order as well.
    Thank you so much.

    Fuuu I was worry the beginning,everyone did good job!
    Dependable staffs.
    Ofcourse I found problem,so please fix it soon.

    We achieved the highest sales record ever for the first time in 123street。

    Please continue your favors towards 123street!

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    See YOU

    Please leave it to MAGNET in web design, interior design, construction work, product branding, opening support, rental sharing office in Phnom Penh.

    123 street in Japanese designer