• 【Mysterious powder】


    【Mysterious powder】

    I’m sending you from 123 Street, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
    I’m Mukaida who is managing the design work, yakitori and wine shop as the MAGNETGROUP chapter representative and managing the share office for Japanese companies.

    About Cambodia 123 street staff rota.

    Rota is a little feminine sensibility.
    Such Rota is doing his best at work today as well.
    Rota appeared with a smile at 17:15,he rode pink bike,he was wearing pink short pants.
    He greeted cheerfully “Suosudai”.

    Uhh?Is his cheek pink?
    I asked other staff・・

    He’s putting on make-up
    LADY BOY・・
    They said.

    No!No way!
    I don’t care even he is LADY BOY?
    Rota are you putting make-up??
    I asked but he said “I don’t do make-up・・

    Other staff also joined us,
    “You do! You do!”
    “I don’t! I don’t!”
    Battle happened.

    Actually,It doesn’t matter at all…,but other staff obstinately argument.

    After that,I asked him “please lend me powder” when he was alone,
    if so,he took me back door and passed me powder.
    You did make up as expected after all ……..

    I had to use powder because i asked.
    If I use this,Everyone will find out 100% what I make up!

    It was comes out early.
    YUKI Powder

    Rota is laughing somehow.

    He doesn’t care anymore?
    Anyway,is it need to pass in the back door?
    It is not a drug seller.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    See YOU

    Please leave it to MAGNET in web design, interior design, construction work, product branding, opening support, rental sharing office in Phnom Penh.

    123 street in Japanese designer