• 【DAY BY DAY】explanation quickie(I will post again.)


    I’m Okutani who is getting start to prepare for going to capital of Phnom Penh.

    As a representative of MAGNETGROUP,I management design office which residing Japanese designer,yakitori and wine shops ,and a share office for Japanese companies.

    I stayed in Combodia in 8/8 t o 16/8,but…
    This time,many things were happened,such a SAD WEEK.

    Ill explanation quickie(I will post again.)
    ・When I came back to office after I got drunk,Key was disassembled tidy,that’s why, I thought It was just broken.but It was thief.
    ・Combodian staff’s sell phone was stolen by Cambodian girl of customer, then chased her and got it back.
    ・130$ disappeared from cash register,and I became ”detective Natsuko”.
    ・I was sad and cried because I was tangled by a drunked woman.

    How hard!
    At last day,Tangfon, Mama, and Yuki are got fever.

    It’s good It was happened when I come here,but Somehow I feel sorry.
    I can keep going because I’m positive but everyone seems positive

    Natsu is positive so I do not care and keep going to forward more and more, but everyone else lock in the shocks just as it is,so it seems tough.

    Natsu quite forget angry things and sad things.
    I remember only good things.

    「Eh?Was it hard?」often happen such this things.

    But there were good things too as much as sad things.
    It is that I could meet things what I wanted to do and people who I want to help.
    I had searched what I want to do,What I don’t want to do for 4month until now.
    For who,for what.

    It was nice to hear the stories of various people together with the prince who management the trading company for two days.
    Among them, it was nice to have met the 86th meeting of energy and finance that was the best.
    I met him a while ago but I feel like I have made friends properly this time.
    He is younger than me but it feels great.

    Living today,itself a happy thing like a miracle.
    Friends of cancer and friends of leukemia taught me.
    Let’s live everyday that everything is not a matter of course but happiness.

    I am glad that nobody injured by thieve.
    I am glad that I could get back cell phone.
    The cash register money lost was also necessary for doing a big job from now on.
    It’s proof so We are great enough that drunker wants to say jealous.

    Like that.
    Love is generosity.
    That’s all ♡

    I’m doing connect encounter even in Japan, leads to Cambodia.
    It will be fun. more and more.

    I want to warp to Phnom Penh as soon as possible.

    See YOU!

    Please leave it to MAGNET in web design, interior design, construction work, product branding, opening support, rental sharing office in Phnom Penh.

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