• 【accident accident】About dismantling the key


    【accident accident】About dismantling the key

    I’m Okutani who having a tea at cafe near 123street in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

    As a representative of MAGNET GROUP,management design office residing a Japanese designer and a management office with yakitori and wine shops and a share office for Japanese companies.

    Recently I decided to make Ponkikki the first,then I talked to JICA people living here,It was mistaken for Pocky.
    Even categories are not matched.
    But I do not care.

    It’s prescription already,so I’m gonna talk about the incident.
    What image does everyone have for Cambodia?
    What’s image about Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia?

    It is said that security is still bad neighborhood.
    That is might be right.

    Couple of days ago,My friend’s cellphone was stolen when used it during ride TukTuk.
    If having bag on shoulder diagonally,it’s drag around.
    No way how can I have one.
    It is better to be stolen when put a bag on shoulder rather than dragged around.

    It is like that then.
    There are a lot of good people but also a lot of bad people,something like that.
    But It’s not different as Roma,also in Paris.

    The incident in this case is rather a story of security.
    I was going out drinking around 10 o’clock.
    I came home around two o’clock.

    Then,door wasn’t rocked key (staff rocked outside),
    then,key was put on the shop counter in a situation like this.

    「It was broken」「Why nobody told me」
    Door was remain opened so I went to sleep with a little anger.

    In the morning,Everyone is noisy.
    「A thief came in!」「Ehh lie-」「Rocked key when out」

    Ah— Really?
    I see.

    thief,robber..(泥棒) = Steeler (スティーラー)

    I went to the police office and notified it,insurance will pay.
    Don’t lock outside.
    Let’s close the door inside be sturdy.

    I think that it was a cheap studying fee for their own commandments that were not able to do things such as normal.
    I am glad I did not encounter it.

    But I am scared.
    What I want to the most is “Doberman” in Cambodia now.

    Today is dayoff.I was I tried my best for three days and caught a cold.
    See YOU!

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