• 【CAMBUILD2017】I helped EVENT!


    【CAMBUILD2017】I helped EVENT!

    I’m popular maker Okutani who is hectic activity in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia,  so I don’t design work  etc  at all.

    As a representative of MAGNET GROUP,management design office residing a Japanese designer and a management office with yakitori and wine shops and a share office for Japanese companies.

    I help Event in this time!
    【CAMBUILD2017】This Event is held at Diamond island in Phnom Penh of Cambodia where is such as a Osaka index Event.

    It’s looks very work!

    I said that though,It’s just help for real.

    Let’s do it with full power,with thinking I got chance to study from senior design office!
    So, I stay up over night (about 1hour) and paint paint Silicon caulking on idea which passed, to show such as water proof.

    I thought It’s better to everyone can find out something of the house.

    I said,”Let’s paint the Sylvania Family!”, because, I thought that it would be better to find out what is this at glance when everyone see the home!

    First of all, I finished my job of carrying it to my senior office of Phnom Penh! !

    I’m feeling one big mission complete for now!

    Eventually like this ☆


    Second barrier!
    I wear a Yukata by my self…
    I never wear it by my self.
    To be honest.
    My mother also couldn’t wear a Yukata,so she call neighbor’s aunt to our house,
    that’s why It’s seems quite difficult.

    But I was taught roughly how to wear the Yukata in Kimono shop the day before the flight for just in case.I’m remember it seriously.
    Because It’s day after tomorrow.

    When I said Let’s go to buy whole body mirror,as soon as I arrived Phnom Penh,

    Do you use for onlr 3days,don’t you?
    I’ll borrow mirror form Haiyan’s brother.

    I’m depending anytime anything.
    I wonder when can I reward to him?

    Is it appearing that I needed started to wipe the muddy mirror at the first,
    on photo of glass cleaner,isn’t it.
    Even though,It wasn’t become clean.
    What kind muddy,or rather It’s mud.

    I re wind Obi about 3times as expected,but I could wear a Yukata.

    I thought,It would have easy to put it on to child,because I could wear it by my self.
    Well,My mother didn’t much kind of try …

    I could dress yukata to Tanghong from the 2nd day.

    We got to continue this next time!

    See YOU!

    Please leave it to MAGNET in web design, interior design, construction work, product branding, opening support, rental sharing office in Phnom Penh.
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