• 【Coding Practice】


    【Coding Practice】

    Suosdai, NON and Nakdae Nozomi
    Every day I advance coding at night.

    Currently, I am leave to design work, management of yakitori and wine shops and management of share offices for Japanese companies,instead MAGNETGROUP chairman of Cambodia chief Mukuda,for 3 months.

    While doing work for Japanese clients, I practice coding night after night.

    Coding is the process of raising the code from the design data of the website, arranging the images, arranging the text, and adding actions to create the actual website.

    There is no end to search for design.

    Against that nuance,
    Coding is visible if write the correct code.
    Work to bring to design (correct).

    It’s like Japanese National language and mathematics.

    There are times when the correct answer of the Japanese National language is not one, but mathematics seems to have only one answer,something like that.


    I feel that the way of study also resembles mathematics somehow.
    If I skipped one equation I feel lost after that.

    I’m getting feel good that “I made it!” to progress one by one.

    Learn skills steadily.

    That is Sub theme to came Cambodia.

    Thank you for having the chance to challenge new things,and
    Hit the code tonight!

    Payang, sorry but please do not disturb.

    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppani Han!

    It was NON with love from Cambodia
    bye bye!

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