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    I’m Okutani who manage interior design, architectural design and construction work, offshore development, product branding, start-up support, music production, work to popularize pumpkin , web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I came back to Japan and feel deeply the difference of rice.

    Rice cooker? or water?
    completely different.

    Well, CHECK the ranking of our homepage !

    Is it Raking Up?
    I saw sentence of the past,It is different contents that I look up.

    ↓It’s in the past

    When serch by same Key word↓

    It might be change something.

    Same as in Japan, but Natsu established company when I was 24 years old.
    I have never worked and never have seniors …
    Even if I do not understand, there is no partner to ask.

    Because of that, I do not often ask people for advice.
    Because what people say is past.
    That’s right. We were a pioneering era who had experienced everything.

    Pocket Bell when I was junior high school 3rd grade.
    Pitch (PHS) when I was high school 1st grade.
    Pakapaka’s cell phone(Galapagos mobile) when I was high school 2nd grade.
    Video phone when I was high school 3rd grade.
    White round Mac when I was College student.
    From that generation another turning future will always come.
    I do not know common things.

    It is meaningful to do it in a way that people don’t do things.
    I think so.
    Is it similar to inventions and revolution?

    All the money and results will come  after .

    I wonder how it is now.
    There are times when I think a little but Tanfon starts writing a blog
    The fact that the staff turnover rate of the restaurant stalled and it stopped
    This is how the ranking of the homepage is rising.

    Thanks to Mariko ‘s translation of my blog or Mr. Hei took me to an English site, my blog of alphabets has also come up to the top.


    How is now?

    I think a little that but Tanhon starts writing a blog,
    the staff turnover rate of the restaurant is stopped,
    This is how the ranking of the homepage is rising.

    Thanks to Mariko ‘s translation of my blog and Mr. Taira has work for an English site, my blog in English has also come up to the top.

    We have results.
    We are in love.
    I am making styles of Japan and Cambodia, not having Japanese style.
    something like that.

    There are things that only MAGNET can do.
    There is something only I cando.
    There is a future that only I can draw.

    Everyone is gathering and believing in expectations for such things and power of Natsu.


    So I believe in myself even if there are uneasy things.
    I believe in my power that everyone believes.

    Next time I have to rank up the music keywords.
    Will I ask to the new member Taka chan also write it?

    Our heart is one.

    I’d like to be a president who can being bravely.
    It still takes time.


    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    See YOU

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