• Hello everyone, I’m Takatoshi.



    I’m Takatoshi who planning  manage interior design, architectural design and construction work, offshore development, product branding, start-up support, music production, work to popularize pumpkin , web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops In Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    From now on I would like to write articles in various ways. Thank you.


    Musicians in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    Composition, live, event management etc. Please leave anything for music!

    I’m planning to register the company with this, but I wonder if I can do it.

    1. Design production and planning
    2. Consulting business focusing on branding strategy
    3. Planning of corporate brand building, store development, planning public relations advertisement strategy
    4. Plate making, printing, binding and various processing related to them and sales of the products
    5. Planning, production, maintenance and operation of the homepage
    6. Training and management of entertainment talents, musicians, film directors, screenwriters, directors, athletes, cultural people, etc.
    7. Production of music, movies, theater, entertainment, lecture and its contracting and entertainment and operation of its facilities, contracting
    8. Planning, production, contracting and copyright business of radio, TV broadcast program, commercial film, commercial song
    9. Mail order business using the Internet etc. and various information provision services
    10. For various educational projects such as events for corporations and individuals, workshops, workshops, etc.
    Planning, planning, production, management and consulting services related to
    11. Interior and exterior design of shops, houses, signboards, etc.
    12. Planning, design, construction control on architectural design and interior
    13. Planning and development of goods in Japan and overseas
    14. Planning and management of eating and drinking establishments and general store in domestic and overseas
    15. Advertising agency business
    16. Computer system installation support work
    17. Any business incidental to the preceding items