• Sad


    Suosudai!I’m Okutani SAD DAY today.

    I heard bad news yesterday that 123STREET staff ‘s father had surgery,
    and Non and Tanfon are going to visit his.
    Really hard.
    I want to do whatever I can do.

    Start member.
    He can communicate somehow even though he can only speak Khmer.
    He is a member of important MAGNET FAMILY.
    A gentle smile. Always smiling.


    Family of employees.
    People who I have to protect.
    We both cried and laughed together.

    I want to go see him now.

    Hope all his sorrows be saved.
    Hope his family’s sorrows be saved at all.

    With love from afar.

    Sloan who left job and  went to Korea for migrant work.
    Come home anytime.
    It’s a your place when you came back after five years.

    I do not think that it is natural that things are commonplace.
    Let’s cherish the facts that can live everyday.
    Let’s treasure only important people.
    I can’t save everyone.
    I can’t love everyone.

    Take good care of people even only surround us.

    Be careful injuries and illness.
    Be truly careful.

    I wish sorrows will not increase.

    What I can do is work hard.
    He said that “I’m glad to meet Natsu and Yuki and Non.”

    Let’s do our best.
    … I wanted to asexually meet my niece somehow.


    Our heart is one.
    Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow
    Let’s rest mind and body.

    See YOU