• 【TripAdvisor Happy writing】


    【TripAdvisor Happy writing】

    Suosdai, I’m NON as Nakagita Nozomi.
    I’m raise up when I get high praise in TripAdvisor.

    Currently, I am leave to design work, management of yakitori and wine shops and management of share offices for Japanese companies,instead MAGNETGROUP chairman of Cambodia chief Mukuda.


    Good news!

    Simple but yummy

    「Simple but yummy」with this title, we received compliment comments of praise by Trip Advisor.

    Yakitori is simple,That’s why taste of good ingredients and grilling are very important.
    I’m so happy to get compliment about it!

    Moreover, customers who came from Australia..


    Look here in translation



    As you can see, They also noticed that the air conditioner was installed.

    They may be repeating several times during stay!?

    “Spring rolls are common food in Asia, but lettuce and tuna are contained.
    This seems to be a Japanese style. ”

    … They have seen through that. I only have thanks!


    one more

    In the restaurant, I’m drawing hand-drawn POP.

    The customer who arrived last night saw the wall at once and ordered two levers.

    Even though I put it until now,
    But just after that I rearranged position hand-drawn POP!

    They are neighbors who are always repeating, I was very happy.


    It was NON with love from Cambodia
    bye bye!

    In Cambodia · Phnom Penh, interior design, architectural design and construction work, offshore development, product branding, start-up support, music production, work to be famous pumpkin , web design, share office, yakitori and wine shops, general entertainment is a Japanese designer Inside design office MAGNET & leave it to 123 Street shop of wine and yakitori that will be able to respond with reliable Cambodian staff.