• 【Still tomorrow is coming】 The first banner production


    Suzdai! California visitors came to shop which interior design, architectural interior design and construction work, offshore development, commodity branding, start-up support, job for promoting pumpkin to be famous, web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

    It’s second person.
    I wonder if  Mr.Robert Mondavi bring to us.
    Why Europeans and Americans drink Sangria More than wine.

    Well, I’m glad that sangria is my recipe, too.

    Well today is banner production for the first time

    Is this called banner?
    It is a stand signboard. in Japan.
    The banner will be used when designing buttons with WEB design or when designing buttons for WEB advertisements. banner.

    Yes, I tried printing for the request that stand signboard.
    A total is 30 dollars including one which standing signboard.
    It’s quite big,so It’s cheap isn’t it?
    Compared with Japan …
    List price is same.
    Result… Japan is cheaper.
    Everything in Japan is cheaper.

    There is no paper, trees are high price, ink is also high, the machine is old.
    It seems I can play 3K characters.

    Nai, Nai, Nai, It is not love(恋 jay nah).
    I, I, I, It is not love(愛 jay nai).
    There was a song(in Japan).

    But there is.
    I did it! By the confirmation I went to see early one day and confirmed the first piece.

    Clerk “How is it?”
    Natsu & Tanfon “Well, it’s not clear, color please try again.”
    Clerk “OK”

    It’s clear! You can do it! Do it from the beginning.
    Tangfon “GOOD”
    Natsu: No, it’s not a good, paper thin, Tangfon please bring some sample. ”
    Tangfon “OK”
    Natsu “This thickness is not there in this, do same as this, please.”
    Clerk “Only 13 can be made, it is not enough, it takes one month to order”
    Natsu “I’ll make sure t’s ok if two late deliveries”

    Clerk “I can do it tomorrow”
    Natsu & Tanfon “!? OK thank you”

    Natsu: No, it’s not OK, I want to go back after see printing this thicker. ”

    Natsu “OK”

    It is awfully irritating but thanks to Tangfon can learning this process and he can do it himself from the next.

    You say OK too fast.
    It’s not speed, really think OK with breath and say OK.
    If natsu were not here, You will report that it was impossible because it takes 1 month,because You might say ok even thinner paper of 13pieces. I said that, he said “Yes”.

    It is not “YES”.

    However, the craftsman here has good eyes.
    Paste of ink is also beautiful.

    Craftsman has good eyes.

    But …

    But …

    Wear the clothes.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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