• I will get a patent!(Part2)


    I will get a patent!

    Well, I decided who to ask.

    The next is necessary things.


    Overview and face photo and money.

    that’s all!


    Well, simple.

    Oh, I don’t have face picture.


    Warp to a photo shop to take a picture of  face.

    The first floor is a copy shop.

    The second floor is shooting and output machine.

    Prior customers are students.

    When I was watching the work I found a very fast charisma Photoshop user.

    Process photos with demons clicks.

    After taking a picture, fix the hair with processing

    lose weight and change complexion

    Finally put on suit.


    Wear the suit well.

    I do not understand it at all.


    Our charisma is also surprised.


    Natsu turn.

    Well, everything is very fast.


    It’ s finished, It looks like not Natsu,

    They will go on without asking whether it is good or bad, but it’s for a patent fellow, so it will remain.

    I asked “Please take another shot”

    Taking a picture from above, I will down my jaws.

    I tried it and It’s more than real me a while ago.


    Less processing was done.

    Only hair. .


    That’s three dollars.

    I recommend this photo shop.

    It has charisma, it’s fast, not crowded and simple.

    And It’s Fuji Film.


    On the next day, I handed 4 photos and handed money and pushed the hands then finished.

    It’s simple.

    I wonder if I can do it really with this.

    I will wait.

    Anyway, company registration is proceeding with the year ahead.

    Acquaintance of 123 visitors are increase.

    I was able to grasp the things around me.

    My friends also increased.

    I am all pleased.

    It is easy to start a new thing.

    But it is very difficult to maintain and succeed.

    But I have not given up because I started.

    New page at their own pace.

    Tanfon has become a good face in one year compared to the early days.

    I will continue to do my best!

    See YOU!

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