• I will get a patent!(Part1)


    I will get a patent!

    ei ei oー!

    Pattendo? patent? Which?

    Start with this question.

    As a result..  it seems patent is correct.
    (Example) Documents necessary for acquiring a restaurant license
    · Application form designated by Ministry of Tourism
    · Location form designated by the Ministry of Tourism (Certificate of Ward Office & Certificate of Police Certificate)
    · Store manager information (name, sex, nationality, date of birth, address in Cambodia)
    · Restaurant information (store name · address · telephone · FAX number · E-Mail · WebSite · seat number · number of staff)
    · Lease agreement (one with the seal of the district office)
    · ID card copy or passport copy of store manager
    · Face picture of store manager (4 cm x 6 cm) 3 pieces
    · Copy of corporate registration card issued by the Ministry of Commerce (Individual business owner / Co., Ltd.)
    · Fire certificate issued by disaster prevention division of the Ministry of the Interior (substitution with fire extinguisher’s photograph is no longer allowed)
    · Ministry of Health issued hygiene permit
    It takes 3 to 5 weeks from the application of the license to the issue, the cost will be around $ 800 to $ 1500 depending on the size of the restaurant.

    Licenses are necessary in addition to patents for buildings and restaurants.
    The cost depending on the scale.
    There are three,  small, medium and large scale.

    MANGET DESIGN INC is the number of people, the size of the office small scale
    Import and export of medicine is medium.
    Finance is a large scale.

    Let’s get more detail.

    If you want to start a business in Cambodia,you definitely need a patent.

    It is similar to company registration in Japan.

    Not the same point is…, for example, when MAGNET wants to do a design office and general store, it is necessary to acquire two patents.

    That is, if we are going to make 123STREET and MAGNET DESIGN INC, we need two patents.

    And patent are absolutely necessary to get working visas and 1 year visas.

    But, that is.. Here is the thing.

    Design work and entertainment work, advertising work, interior design work.

    In Japan, we can do it if we are stuffing into business contents at company registration, but in Cambodia we can not do that. It is that.

    Needs patent for each.

    In other words, we must decide first.

    I can not decide if I do not know anything.

    because there is no point to doing the same work as Japan in this country where there is no need for WEB design work.

    So I found out what is right.

    After obtaining the patent, registration of tax (tax) is necessary.

    The company is completed only after acquiring these two.

    It is hot.
    It is hot just going to a bank. .

    123 STREET is a flag shop for that.

    5 months Yuki, 4 months Non, 1 month Natsu.

    We observed it.

    Result..  MAGNET DESIGN decided to include everything.

    I also made a lot of research on patent.

    People say different things about patent.

    Most Japanese are asking a company specializing in registration.

    $ 3000 ~ 5000 (1 month ~ 2 months) when asking a specialized Japanese registration company

    $ 3000 (2 months to 3 months) when asking a Japanese who does not specialize

    $ 2000 (1 month – 2 months) when asking a tax accountant in Cambodia personally

    $ 1400 when asking a mysterious person in Vietnam (morning)

    Negotiated directly with government officials $ 800 (2 weeks)

    That is very difference ….

    Let’s keep secret what we chose.

    When I met a government official, I thought that it would be better to have a polite way of speaking

    “Is it better a chem riffup suo instead of a suzdai?”

    I confirming with Tanfon

    “No, because we are customers”

    He said.

    It is higher position who pay the money and lower position who get money.

    Regardless of government officials, all the money is related.

    Fire trucks will come to the scene, but they seem to be asking how much you can pay for this fire at first.

    If you say that you can not pay, They don’t put out the fire.

    It moves by payment amount.

    That is this country.

    The incident is happen at the scene.

    Truth is always not one.




    Marking is happy today around this time.
    Senior said that Other than die is scratch.

    … The next step is at hand.

    Everyday study, daily devotion.

    See YOU!

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