• 【I wonder what money is】123 I hate something


    【I wonder what money is】123 I hate something

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    Currently at 123STREET we are sending by Mr. Tanfon of MAMA and son, Kimley of my sister and ROTA of our founding member.
    Well.. It’s FAMILY restaurant.

    One day.
    A visit to Mama’s dead husband’s grave.
    Day to buy big pig.
    Although two people are off, nothing make any arrangements and fail 123.

    I’m  angry MAX for not first time lack of preparation.
    I thought for the first time “I hate something 123 anymore” past the anger.
    Why aren’t there beer stocks?
    Why is skewer preparation zero?

    Only at such times many customers.
    I got tired of saying WHY? Again and again.

    I felt something like the authority of the top once again when I said “I dislike shops like this!” And this shop will be gone.
    I felt something touched because I do not usually feel so much.

    And then I was depressed.
    I slept until 6 in the evening.

    Even Tanfon said “Really sorry”, since I felt like killing him with words if I talk today, I said let’s talk tomorrow then the sun sets on it today.

    We  didn’t talk until the next night and a little awkwardness will be left so I asked him to go for a drink  at local outdoor bar.

    And then I started listening.
    What kind of plan would that be?

    Tangfon is talking.
    I listen.
    While I biting dried squid and jerky.
    I grew…

    And I admonished.
    And I noticed.
    123 is the shop where all of their family’s life depending.
    Both the mother and the mother’s sister, that is, the younger sister’s daughter and the two fathers depend on this store’s earnings.

    When we were talking, an old woman came near us with a lotus stalk on her basket.
    Tang Phong buy 3 $ 3 with a sad face.
    She is very old, the time is at 23 o’clock.
    She wearing sunglasses, perhaps she can not see.

    Life is unfair.
    Tangfon said.

    If old Natsu, I may talk unfair is natural an talk about self-theory on Kansai dialect.
    When I am here, politics is involved in the unfair.
    Lose everything in an instant, unfair politics holds the justice.
    Originally the richest man falls to abyss.

    I can not say Unfair is very common.

    I wonder what money is.
    There is no benefit of 123 at all.
    Finish with one drink, if I go to drinking at good place.

    This cup and the profit of the day are about the same.
    Drink a glass of cup and finish.

    It’s the same money but…
    I wonder what this feelings I can not say.

    Well then shall I not drink it, should I not go out?

    It is not.

    But what is it?
    The invisible tunnel of this answer.

    Are there answers to the people who sing LOVE & PEACE?
    Probably not.
    Does the work of  Yoko Ono have an answer?
    Probably not.
    Does Christ know the answer?
    Probably not.

    Is everyone seeking?
    Is it struggling?

    From being born, someone rich and have good friends and protected by good families and build it and die.
    Since born someone have been poor, and do bad things with bad friends, protect my family, struggle and live somehow.

    Life is unfair.



    Let’s go find ahead.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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