• 【I went to an event organized by the American Embassy】


    【I went to an event organized by the American Embassy】

    Suzdai! I am Okutani who doing interior design, architectural interior design and construction work, offshore development, commodity branding, start-up support, pumpkin work, web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine store in Cambodia · Phnom Penh , but, Recently  I’m trying to challenge bigger work .

    Let’s surprise the world.

    I have been invited to the event presided over by the American Embassy in order to go.
    I was told that better to buy a stole of silk fabrics from Cambodia properly but I wonder if kimono is better in such a place.

    I am checking the meaning of embossy and ambassador on site.
    I can not tell anyone.
    I thought Ambassador’s mean is the title to be attached to people who are excellent with coffee.

    エンボシー=大使館  Embassy
    アンバサダー=大使 Ambassador

    Party that the ambassador of each country is visiting.
    I was able to meet nice people.

    While listening to the music of NIKKI NIKKI of the half of America and Cambodia ….

    It is quite serious.

    American English … I can not hear it at all.
    It is the same as movie watching sound.

    Well, I heard that the English that I am used to is now Khmer English?
    Even if I talk to French or talk with American, the way I hear it is different.


    Well I started to be able to laugh well at such places.
    The most important thing is the number of places.

    The right man who helped when I couldn’t selfie because my hand is short, is famous for traditional dance.

    People who next to me are the American Embassy.
    He asked me,”Where are you going to drink often?”
    and I told him the truth honestly, He laughed a lot and we got along well.

    “seriously? I have never been there, Ahahahaha.”

    “Are you 35 years old?”
    “It’s crazy.”
    “You must be kidding.”

    It seems like a beginning of a Natsu’s age quiz.

    “I am 35 years old! Or soon is 36 years old! !”
    Age is unknown when Japanese are overseas.

    I wish a wonderful  fate is gonna be spread more and more.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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