• 【Luigi】THE Italian Italian


    It is Okutani who has met plenty with a delicious Restaurant  in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Today is Italian Luigi. Ruiji?


    It is an Italian “Luigi” near Phnom Penh, Russian Market.
    The place is about 5 minutes by car from 123 at the intersection of St. 167 and St. 444.
    Luigi, the name of a Italian store,this name is a common name for male of Italian, but It’s remind me only Super Mario.
    The owner of a pizza famous Italian “Piccolo” made this shop newly.
    The shop at the entrance to Bassacreane seems to be the same.

    It is a small shop, but the interior is THE Italian
    Interior decoration like being in Italy.
    And there are many Italians.
    Italian languages can be heard.

    And the owner of THE Italian who has impact.
    Talking Talking…
    Country of passion, it is Spain isn’t it?
    Seems I and owner are good friend with the owner and I was invited to the second floor VIP roman and eating meal.

    Menu is that handmade pasta is recommended.
    The owner explained various menus.
    Bassless crane person pushed completely.
    Pizza and raw ham.

    This time, an assortment of Italian ham plus a beef carpaccio and white fish carpaccio.
    Are fish fennels? The punch was too effective and it was tough. . .
    The beef carpaccio was very delicious.
    The foie gras ravioli truffle sauce was the best.
    The Italian owner is very talkative.
    I failed to take pictures because gentlemen will quickly pick out

    Only one pasta …

    It seems that daughter made it and it was very very delicious.

    Maybe I was eating the sparkling red a lot.

    I want to go there again.

    Luigi ristorante

    Location: 2
    Space: 3
    Restroom: 3
    Cooking taste: 4
    Showing way: 3
    Dessert: Unknown
    Wine: 3
    Staff: 3
    Cost performance: 4

    Note: Judge Blog that whether individuals should use for entertainment.

    Luigi ristorante
    092 986 832
    #1D, Street 167, Tuol Tom Poung II


    See YOU!

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