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    Suzdai! Working with CTN and MYTV in Cambodia / Phnom Penh,and I do shops of interior design, interior design and construction work, offshore development, commodity branding, opening support, web design, corporate consulting, yakitori and wine shops.

    Everyday is Everyday.

    Hi,I’m Natsuko Okutani.

    Recently my favorite word is THIS IS ME.

    I was crying for GREATEST SHOWMAN movie.

    People with strange appearances gather and have a show at the circus.
    Even if forget original intention and it’s gone burning all.

    Circus is our family. And friends who never disappear.

    Well… Movie is so nice.

    See you next week. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
    There was a grandfather who telling the same lines on Friday or Saturday every week on TV.

    This time … talk about team OISHII.
    Commitment is commonplace, troubled time is mutual.
    The spirit that is equipped with Japan is made of four plates.

    Natural disasters are a lot in Japan,so people help each other.

    A country with 8 million gods, Japan only.

    Natsu is basically a type that people want to save if there is a person in need.

    It is said that diagonally opposite eating and drinking establishments will close at the end of June.
    It is a companion who helped each other at the time of Khmer New Year.

    It looks like Japan and the store name is OISHII.

    Actually it is the end of May when I got back to Japan the other day.
    A thief entered into 123 ….

    This story is another story.

    I heard that the thief was our chef.
    So 123 had been struggling for a month with the chef lost.

    Team OISHII has two chefs, an owner and a girl.

    I want two chefs ….

    These two people.
    I let them be closer little by little to 123 members ….

    It is full of feuds now becoming 123VS OISHII ….

    Said, do not say, big confusion.
    When eat meal in OISHII,then hair was in meal…something like that…

    Is there the growth of the country with education?
    I think.
    As always it is not their fault, it is because of the country.

    It has become like a child’s fight.

    They are panic , It’s seems to they think that will be stolen their work if new people come in.
    I think there was a way to do better,a bit better but they were panicking more than I thought ….

    I have to choose either.
    It became like it.



    And I chose two chefs.

    Without choosing between friends and Selan and Rota.

    Because it’s a restaurant.

    Because it aims to provide delicious rice.

    From today Im in Japan.

    I have only been able to lecture for two weeks for the new two people.

    It is the first time to make Japanese rice.
    Two people are hesitant.

    I felt anxiety and tension from them when I am leaving today.

    And today, it is full.

    Sketchpad which wrote all the recipes.

    They are embracing it called “blue note” and they fight.

    A situation where there is no other choice but to believe.
    Towel in Kita Ward, Kobe City, suits you Siri.

    It might be the job of the president to believe and leave it in Japan too.

    I will think about work what I have to do properly and work calmly.

    From tomorrow I will in Japan,I will try my best anew again.

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.

    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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