• 【Design of nursery school】 Work ♪


    The job of designing the nursery school has come.
    Suzdai! I’m Okutani who have been working with CTN, MYTV, and Byeon TV in the interior design, construction, interior design, construction, commodity screening, opening support, web design, business con- ference, baked goods and wine shops.

    I slacked off to post the blog.

    It is not good…
    Even I said to staff “write write!”… It ‘s not good that there is no boss,I can not help it.
    But I write again,so I don’t need boss.

    I have been working for half a year and I have been trying to concentrate on the work of Phnom Penh Cambodia.
    Phnom Penh life has become common very much.

    Every day I spent in English, I have also reduced stress to spend using English.
    There is little to be able to use Japanese in a day.

    I’ve got the design work of a nursery school that make in a commercial building from the acquaintance.

    When I heard Cambodia,building would imagine a ragged shred, but it’s beautiful.
    The level doesn’t different at all with Japan.

    Caregiving child care for those working from morning till evening in this building.
    Ordinary nursery school only keeps it until 3 o’clock, and not to keep child with many holidays and summer vacation.

    A nursery school is scheduled to open without taking rest for long holidays until 5 o’clock to change that circumstances.

    It only have Christmas and New year’s New Year holidays and only the water festival.

    How is a festival of water festival, I don’t have experienced yet.

    Well anyway it is the first step.

    I’ll do my best!

    Tomorrow than today, the day after tomorrow than tomorrow.
    The life in Phnom Penh is Oppanian.

    See YOU!

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